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Please note that the proprietors of Dimension Furniture are currently moving house so are unable to accept commissions at this time.

Dimension Furniture provide handmade furniture designed and built to your individual requirements - bespoke handmade furniture, in contemporary or traditional styles - from tables and chairs to bookcases and display cabinets.  Company founder, designer and cabinet maker Martin Parsons, works primarily in wood, though other materials such as metal and glass may be used where appropriate.  But whatever the choice of wood or other material, our aim is to provide you with furniture of the finest quality, designed and built to fit your requirements perfectly.

Bespoke Furniture - Better by Design!

Each item we produce is a unique piece of bespoke furniture, designed with you - the customer, and handmade to your individual requirements.  You have control over all aspects of the design: the style, size, choice of wood and finish are all for you to choose.  If you wish, you can simply choose from a selection of designs we present to you.  Alternatively, if you want to be more involved in the design process, this can be a great opportunity to express your creativity!

Commissioning bespoke furniture can be a creative and rewarding process in itself.  You can put your own personal stamp on a unique piece of fine furniture that could remain with your family and heirs for generations.  Perhaps you have a particular style in mind, or a particular motif you would like incorporated into the design.  Perhaps you have need of some furniture to provide a contemporary function, but within a period setting, or maybe you just need something to match, in style and finish, the other items in a particular room.

In all of these circumstances we can work with you to produce a design that will ensure that the finished piece matches your requirements completely.

Handmade Furniture - for Quality and Durability!

All of the furniture that we produce is handmade, using only the best of traditional and modern cabinet making techniques, to ensure a finished product of the highest quality and durability.  Each item is a unique expression of the care that went into its construction:  Fine hardwoods are carefully selected from specialist suppliers to complement the design, and consideration is given during construction to utilise each piece of timber so as to best reveal the natural beauty of the chosen wood.

The end result is a unique piece of fine handmade furniture that will be a pleasure to own, pleasing to the eye and to the touch, combining good design and robust construction with the natural beauty of wood.  Please see our handmade furniture gallery for some examples of our work.

Dimension Furniture is based in Oxted, Surrey, about 18 miles South of London, UK.

If you have a requirement, large or small, for bespoke furniture that combines design excellence with quality craftsmanship, then please contact us to discuss your requirement.  Let us provide the perfect solution to your furniture needs!

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